Redefining Our Relationships

 Redefining Our Relationships

Nature needs it most of all.
We never thought it reigned supreme.
We have the energy, the minds, the means
To clean the planet,
But the will?
Is it our gene-backed tendencies
That turn us all
To ‘seven deadly sins’:
Pride & lust & covetousness,
(the desire to possess)
Envy, sloth & all the rest
Variations on the seven,
Leaven to the state of things
Turning actions towards indifference,
Anger, hunger in their place?

Different colors in each face;
Is there such a thing as race?
There are tools and pools of all,
And still, we’re falling.
Funds enough to feed the globe.
Absorb the most,
But we are xenophobic.
Profit, cost a driving force.
One cannot say if all is lost,
But we are all.
Get on the ball, ‘cause
I am, you are, we are all!

Redefining Our Relationships 10.25.2021 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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