Routine & Ritual But Where Is Truth? #2

New version, condensed, more to the point!

Routine & Ritual, But Where Is Truth? #2

Interest in the self;
For in the self is faith, path, plinth and growth;
Truth unseen but searched for, sought.
interpreting, projecting, recognising nought.

It’s truth we’re after: big or little T or t:
Relative or ‘heaven’ sent,
We generalise, lose sight of what is meant,
Aimed at, talked about.

Full of slogans, bywords,
Platitudes, our own cliches.
We live apart from looking inwards;
Inwards where the whole thing lies,
Where all things lie,
And lies do not.

Filled with ritual,
Traditional, conventional;
We do not know the self that well;
(The well of depth, the well of truth.)
“Know thyself,” said Socrates,
Plato too.
Know, know, know to find out how and what and who…
It is your Self that holds what’s True.

Routine & Ritual,But Where IsTruth? 9.10.2021/10.30.2021 Circling Round Everything ii,

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