Shampooing Once Again

    Although it may look as if I’m carrying on a one-woman campaign, writing poetry about amputation as I occasionally do, I just want to say that as a recent amputee, having gotten a mysterious sepsis (blood poisoning) and going from a ten fingered person to a three whole, three half , four completely missing fingered person, certain situations set off quirky observations which, as a poet I simply cannot resist setting to meter and rhyme. 

            Shampooing (Once Again)

To those of you who’ve never known
An amputee of any sort –
A few bones short,
Shampooing is, well, interesting,
Challenging, to say the least!
The warming bath with bended knees
The bottle squeezed, the soaping in,
The tender skin on scalp and crown,
Just sitting down!
Each step to get those darned hairs clean.

It takes awhile to go that mile,
But afterwards it’s worth it;
A warming and uplifting gift,
The escapade engaging brain:
A training on a very basic yogic plane. 
Shampooing 11.20.2020/renewed 11.3.2021 A Sense Of the Ridiculous II;

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