Happy Birthday To Myself Once More

Happy Birthday To Myself Once More

Happy Birthday to myself once more!
Up to now the stealth of death
Has shied away;
Health and breath can’t stay, I know,
But glowing days still prove themselves, showing up
As cheerfulness, distress-less-ness at growing older,
Needing no one’s shoulder to shed tears on.

This year turns on eighty-seven!
Still walking ‘round, touching wrists and hands to ground,
Stretching upwards, sideways, backwards,
Searching still for skills gymnastic
and poetic;
Acting, waiting (even mating);
Love is there.
More aware than e’er before,
The tenderer matured.

Eighth November, ’34:
So long-ago!
While world goes downhill in a barrow,
I’m still going strong on laughter, faith, belief.
Call it life!
Peephole to an unknown door,
Have a Happy Birthday, self once more!

Happy Birthday To Myself Once More 11.8.2021 Birthday Book; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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