Nano-Rays Of Grace #2

The Nano-Rays Of Grace* #2

Let’s suppose,
In verse or prose,
The nano-rays that science knows
Are piercing us each nano-second
Have, as feature number one,
A light of grace, so sunlike
That one meditative thought
Converts each spark
to bombs of blessing:

A benefaction free of asking!
Wouldn’t that be fun?
Not neutral, not a nothing,
A composite bounty for well being;
A mix of prize and positivity,
AgGift for free –
from out of nowhere.
One could learn to wink, blink, think
A blanket future infinite,
Accepting that it’s dull and bright,
An alternating dark and light.

Let us try with all our might
To think, to talk about that light;
Spread better news,
Read better prose,
Behave in kinder ways that show and those
That don’t.

*grace; a free gift from the Divine.
Nano-Rays Of Grace 11.12.2018 To The Child Mystic II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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