Being Yourself In Art

As a jazz musician myself (piano/voice) seeing Vladislav Richter willingly make no attempt to hide or even avoid mistakes, I always considered him 'jazzy'.  One of the highest compliments I can make of a fellow musician, no matter the instrument or genre.

Gorgeous!. I had the honour of seeing him play in Oxford.”

Many months ago I wrote this comment on Youtube. Today, someone replied, “I envy you.”

 Being Yourself In Art

It may not be the smartest,
But it is the art-tiest
To be yourself when painting, acting, dancing, playing…
If you’ve got a penchant and/or talent
It is patently a truth
That you will make a goof
Now or in the future –
And does it matter
If a smattering of loss of focus
Or of foolishness
Intrudes upon perfection?

What is perfection anyway!
Intelligence craves, comes, goes in waves
Which saves, and even teaches
What to do next time.

And so this rhyme,
Which probably
Will be
Over, over,
As the former Arlene Nover
Reheats, repeats, reprising
To turn error into prize,
For pride must fall
To get the most from all,
For Self is all there is.
Your music is your business,
No one else’s.
Being Yourself In Art 11.20.2021 Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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