The Older Jazz Musician & Her Voice

The Older Jazz Musician & Her Voice

Limited by ageing voice
But animated, joyous;
More intuitive, deducing
Notes and phrases never guessed or forced
Limited by age’s noiseless course;
The finger’s former comets
Flying up and down the keyboard,
They, no longer playing the same chords
Stretches shortened, tempi slowed.
They’re getting old,

And yet the creativity has new directions;
Possibilities new gold, abilities unfold.
Never dreamed of north or south;
The youth of technique’s suppleness
So much the less, and yet…the jazz is best,
The test of time at rest.
All’s compensated for.

You’re not an ageing voice and hand
But something grand;
Melodious and brave,
Something others savour,
As if favour has empowered you this hour.
Not a sour note is left.
All is new, but in a different way.
The theft of time made up for
By new creativity.
You’re boss and nothing has been lost,
The older voice, the stiffened hand
Replaced by a new brand of fear-free spontaneity.

The Older Jazz Musician & Her Voice 11.20.2021 Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Nover Corwin


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