Slowing Down The Ageing Process

Slowing Down The Ageing Process

One process or processes?
Lots, one might suppose.
The hints, all unsuspicious:
Subtle, hardly seen or felt.
Then indisputable, un-dubious;
Faults, flaws, some few dealt with;
Pain, discomfort palpable
A tumult in the psyche –

Feedback copious,
To slow down what’s occurring,
Working to destroy the insult:
Democracy you can’t consult.
Results of time and nothing more.
Time’s Insults and nothing less.

Acceptance seems the only answer.
Giving in to cause, effect,
The will of something other than…

Ah, the forces that determine fortune:
All to do with ups and downs.
Inescapable, sure, bound,
Pre-determined, in the end
Out of one’s hands,
Try what we can.

Slowing down the end of time, your own unknown
Is answer to the blanket koan:
What is the sound of one had clapping?
Happening all of the time, change that leads to home, becoming:
Source of course, time’s baffling terms.

Slowing Down The Ageing Process 11.25.2021 Circling Round Ageing; Circling Round Experience,; Nature of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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