Every Little Happening

Every Little Happening

It’s so important
That we we grasp in every moment
That in every incident,
The smallest to the biggest
There is black and white, yin and yang,
Positive and negative.
Therefore, bang or clang
Is not to jump for joy
At new inventions, opportunities,
Weep at surface tragedies:
Appearances deceive.

Do not believe
All that you see, hear, learn of.
Not perceive,
(unless you’re very wise,
For it needs wisdom to see through
Events around you)
But maintain in mind and not lose sight of,
Forces, which above
determined long ago,
That circumstance is but a dance
Of contradictions, inner, outer and potential.
All in one, fetter liberation
Never neither, none.
Every little thing an alternating
Non-intentional phenomenon.
Every Little Happening 11.28.2021 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Never Corwin

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