Our Best Bullet Forward: Inspiration

       Our Best Bullet Forward: Inspiration

Someone thanked me
“De nada” “De rien”, thought I.
And then I pondered (for one second only)
Yes, it’s inspiration that’s the key.
Stimulation in the highest.
Motivation, activation, catalyst
That pushes in the nicest way
Towards creativity; imagination and originality;
A bravery not had till then.

Dependent on the gifts and genes
One’s gen-ius comes through,
A You, somewhat, or wholly new.
Inspiration: inhalation,
Instrument of powered vision.

To breathe in from someone’s brainwaves
Saves skill; artistry
That may have fluttered by:
Insight, influence and individuality.

So jump on it!
An impulse doesn’t last forever.
Use it!
It may lie latent,
Change you over time.
Instruct you in its silence.
Regardless of the path of entrance,
Be ye open
To let inspiration in.
Perhaps that is the inmost secret.

Our Best Bullet Forward; Inspiration 11.29.2021 The Processes: Creativity, Thinking, Meditative II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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