The Fabric of Existence #2

The Fabric Of Existence
(a long piece of material)

The more we buy, more we collect,
The more it comes apart,
Tearing seams and threads
Till finally it shreds – and is in shreds.
I’ve done it all ’til I don’t know
Where, how to use the stuff.
I’ve got enough to fill a house or two

  • or three,

It’s taken years of starting, stopping, weary,
To see clearly as the glass before me;
Out of touch,
I’ve got too much!

What’s there to do
When parting is a problem, so
All I can is say:
(Confession a reflection and a way of working out
What’s often in the way)
Is: fabric of existence!
Oft’ to write, share, think things over:
The impoverished are always there.
But we were born to hunt and store.
No one excluded, for
It lies within the genes to live;
Gen-ius the coinciding.

All phenomena have opposites:
Good/bad, reserve/excess:
Self-gratifying dissoluteness;
Our society has surplus.
Superfluity, leftovers, weapon;
Surplus and starvation.

Sadly, I am one. ,
Seldom out of touch with much,
Philosophical and knowledgable,
Spiritual, well read, aware –
Yet I am there
Helping breakdowns, crumblings, bustings…
Hopefully, with trust in something never lost,
For will and thrust to choose the best,
The uppermost, cost what must.
I won’t be one of those who tear
The fabric of existence.

The Fabric of Existence 11.30.2021 Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Existence; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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