The Fabric Of Existence

The Fabric Of Existence

The more we buy, more we collect
The more it comes apart,
Tearing at seams and threads
Till finally it shreds – and is in shreds.
I’ve done it all until I don’t know
How or where to use the stuff.
I’ve got enough
To fill a house or two – or three,

It’s taken years
Of starting, stopping, wearying
To see as clearly as the glass before me,
Out of touch, I’ve got too much!

What’s there to do,
When parting is a problem, so
All I can do is tell you,
(For confession is reflection
And a way of working out
What’s often in the way.)
The problem to consider
Is the fabric of existence.
To deliberate and oft’ to write
To share to think things over.
The poor are always there,
But we were born to hunt and store.
No one excluded, for
It lies within the genes to live.
Yet, all phenomena have opposites:
Good has bad, restraint excess:
Self-gratifying dissoluteness.
Now a whole society with surplus.
Superfluity, leftovers (killing weapons notwithstanding).
Yes, surplus and starvation.
Sadly, I am one.
Seldom out of touch with much,
Philosophical and knowledgable,
Spiritual, well read, aware –
Yet I’m there.
Helping breakdowns, crumblings, busting;
With trust in God, there’s winning.

The Fabric of Existence 11.30.2021 Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Existence; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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