The Best That You Can Do: Do It

The Best That You Can: Do It.

There’s nothing better than –
Doing the best you can.
All life and things are full of risks –
From boiling eggs, to disks that slip;
In every case, take care,
Learn what is there:
Hot water, pain, bad judgement,
Good or none:
All situations that you’re in.

The whole of doing – (even screwing)
Means your best;
Which may need learning,
(Which in itself needs trying),
Everything you want or aim for (before dying)
Needs that best is done.
Not fun. You’ll fail, of course. ten, fifty tries.
That’s why perhaps,
Mishaps and all
All life consists of repetition.
All a lesson.

What is left?
So that you’re not bereft,
The best that you can do
Is to
Do all you can with all you have
Again, again with the exceptional brain
You’re are blessed to own.

Do and learn!
You will refine and earn
All you have ever wished for,
Minutes, hours, years go by
Like comets in the sky.
You’ve all to win
Again, again, again.

The Best That You Can Do: Do It!12.1.2021Circling Round Experience;Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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