When Handicap Becomes A Handicap-ture

When Handicap Becomes A Handicap-ture

You’ve a handicap.
A handi- arm.-nose,-mouth for kissing;
Non-functioning or missing,
Many as a body’s cells.
And yet you live with care and verve,
Enthusiasm quite, quite well,
Just lying down (till pain has passed)
At some point you must lift a glass,
Get some air,
Put on a pair of socks,
Cook up some grub,
Go to the John.
The needs and hours going on.

New skills start to present themselves;
Shortcuts, quicker ways of conqu’ring realms.
Lower hand takes upper hand.
Less a victim, more a master:
More a victor and achiever.
Handicap a handicap-ture;

Handicap a stumbling block?
But drawback? Maybe not or ever.
Always you, with gifts and talents;
Equally, impediments.
Always you, original.

Held back? Who’s not?
Albatrosses round our necks.
What the heck!
Disabled one way or the other,
Barriers are always there.
They may encumber or inspire.
Embrace the fire of the latter.
Change the -cap into a -capture.

When Handicap Becomes A Handicap-ture 12.3.2021 Circling Round Experience; Pure Nakedness II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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