All I Ever Write About

   All I Ever Write About

All I ever write about is
Systems never resting;
Inter- intra- being formed.
Formed at some unseen beginning
Potentiality the first inning.
What else can there ever be?
Boundless forms underlying every theme.

Chains that start and have no end;
Evil/good always a part;
Negatives and positives eternal.
We, a part of both and all,
These the theses on each level,
Connectedness each, both forever.

All that one can write about
Are stages, phases, temporaries
Going on a sluggish time,
Subject each to time & Time.

Let us take the metaphor of foaming soap,
Accepting it with hope, no yelp,
Knowing soapsuds are a help
And do what they were meant to do,
As we are each made and meant to.
Mortal portals ever open
To each foaming sudsy new.

Our nerves, our skin, our senses, bones.
Ever working on those failings born
Of stages, phases and conditions.
With those gifts and limitations
Domicile and nation grown
Connectedness creations sown.
(and sewn). On loan.
All I Ever Write About 12.10.2021 Circling Round Everything II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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