Jazz Reactions In Verse

 Jazz Reactions in Verse

Compliments to those hip poets
Who spend time, the metered rhyme,
To write a verse both masterly and first-first class
About the blessings of past/modern jazz.

There are no words for all those nerds
Whose innermost reactions, imperfections, non-corrections,
Fascinations notwithstanding,
Are the real devoted fans
Of jazz, to which they can be found
To listen with their unbound ears,
Hearing its uniqueness.
Moved and soothed,
Hearts delighted, minds excited…

As I said, no way to touch, do justice to
The spontaneity that makes a god of Jazz United.
Base thoughts left behind, bass jazz’s gladdest find.

Originality that used to be the ’Swing and sway to Sammy Kaye’
If I could choose, compose an art form in perfusion
I might choose a swinging blues
To be suffused with.

Or the cool jazz of the forty’s, fifty’s,
Dizzy, Parker, nifty Sarah and Torme.
(That’s just me!))
All with gifts that made for jazz – that ever stands;
Grand and wearable,
Hearable as ever was.

Honor to the jazzy Shakespeares,
Chosen as the ones revered.
Needlessly, and not to be undone,
Obviously, I am one.
Jazz Reactions In Verse 12.11.2021 Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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