You Never Know when something Is Complete(d)

You Never Know When Something Is Complete(d)
(reflection after watching the Nobel Prize winners)

You feel “Oh, I’ve done it”
“Now it’s done!” Complete!”
Something simple as a dish to eat.
Complex as poetry or novel,
Book of history, time’s passing;
Drivel, begging most of its removal.

Look at the environmental!
How we’ve given it credentials;
Years and years with claims we needn’t fear:
“There’s nothing special going on”
And now we snivel,
Moan that we left oil alone.
Nothing ends,
Perfection imperfection in itself.
Put completeness on a shelf.
You simply never know,
The spontaneity of flowing knowledge growing always.
Hence, Nobel!

You may keep grandma’s recipe:
Stews and pancakes mom to mom.
Suddenly a better flour to transform
The taste, the texture,
Giving vitamins and pleasure.
Out, the old, in, the treasure
With its measure of the new.

So it is with me and you.
We never know
When something is completed,
Simply complemented or transcended.
You Never Know When Something Is Complete(d) 12.11.2021 Circling Round Experience; Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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