Biography Of A Jazz Musician

Biography Of A Jazz Musician

The urge to improvise felt young,
A song is played or writ or sung,
A different tune, an altered phrase;
Same song, but new-created,
Most inviting and demanding for the one
who does it.
Need fulfilled.
Where is the gene that brings about
This inner need to shout “oohbopeeda”,
Play Kern’s song ‘wrong’.
(He wants to sue the soul who dares to
Change a note of “All The Things You Are”)
Each in accord to his/her nature,
Jazz is born, borne further.
Drawn to, born to play ‘unused’
(I, one of those.
My food, my clothes…of course my music).
Irresistible the stimulus.
Original, experimental, way out, far out
Re-invigorated, the garde-avant
The tune, though loved feels worn
The song, the person newly born;
Revived, improved, refreshed, pristine;
‘Untried’, un-hackneyed: aim and key.
Such, the jazz heredity,
And probably
Biography Of a Jazz Musician 12.12.2021 Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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