My Friend Dave

My Friend Dave

Just found out.
Must sound it out,
And rave about
My dear friend Dave
Who passed away too, too,
Too soon, his tunes no longer to be written,
Sung or played this side of heaven.

David Frishberg, eighty-eight,
“Peel Me a Grape”, “Oklahoma Toad”,
Loads & loads…
You’d love them, everybody does.
I’m so sad, so
hence this ode:

IQ sky high –
Did he know he had genius?
Maybe. Certainly.
Ironic lyrics – oh, so keen.
Great pianist, voice key clean.
How I wish you could have seen him:
Entertaining, quite hilarious:
All the signs of jazz’s genus.

Now he’s gone.
Remember him!
His ‘Swan Song’ sung.
Look for his songs!
Memorize or sing along.
Listen to his harmonies,
Voicings, melodies
Which written, never really meant to please,
But sung and played with funny ease;
Freeze Frishberg unto ears and learn!
You won’t regret what ears have heard
Or eyes have seen.
My Friend Dave 12.14.2021 Vaguely About Music II; Arlene Faith Corwin

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