Do You Ever Wonder?

       Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder if you’ve saved a soul?
Your own? Made soul or part, a whole?
You’re smart;
Do you search ways and routes
That might suit all?
The universal?
Do you understand no role suits all?

How flexible you are while strolling through
The ‘stuff’ that shows up life throughout;
Is doubt the earner?
Sorrow from the clouts the winner.
Do you dare to err?
Not feel guilty?
Show your frailties?
Not hide your pride
But recognise what ego hides
From world and self?

Changes charge; shrink and enlarge.
A reckless, feckless gauge – but stage.
Change always changes
From the fledgling to the vegetating.
Change but phase
And not to be afraid of,
Fear the base of all things base.

Wondering that leads to pondering
Takes you from your sleep into the deep
That wakes, takes to itself the higher levels;
Creeping up perhaps to ever higher levels
And what’s best for everybody.

Each Tom, Dick, Harry everywhere
Ought to wonder who they are.
What star to follow for your fellow man.
(and monkey, pig and feminine – natch).

Do You Ever Wonder? !2.19.2021 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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