Cosmic Ethics

 Cosmic Ethics

(or the art of giving gifts).

The art of giving gifts is far more
Complicated than one knows.
If the motive is a knee-jerk
Robot-based belief in’ musts’,
Your relief is that you’ve done your duty.
Then no matter what the cost or beauty
It’s a waste of time and dime.

Satisfaction of a kind,
Sure as ‘shootin,’ you will find
No satisfaction in the end.
The gift you give to loved one, friend
Must come from aim that’s good and pure.
Motives sure, present with no spore
Of a luring (self or person given) from the craftiest of reasons.

Motive, motif, timing, goal
All must hold together,
Under-lined and understood
By standards of behaviour
That are virtuous and generous;
Well-nigh comprehended from the deepest core;
Heart to mind. All combined:
Cosmic ethics;
Idealistic, realistic, non-commercialistic.
Have an upright, honest, merry Christmas!
Cosmic Ethics 12.21.2021 Circling Round Reality;Our Times,Our Culture II;Arlene Nover Corwin

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