Here It Goes, Now It Comes

 Here It Goes, Now It Comes

December twenty-one,
The dark has reached its longest hour.
Light has breached the dark, the power
Of the longer night is gone,
Light’s dawn holds sway.
Daylight grows which means
Winter’s day and night are even.
We in Sweden cheer again.
Cheeriness can disappear
While winters dominating force is here.

Ah, this dormant time of year!
Optimism in the air,
Bear and baby in their lair
Preparing for a honey-ed spring
And any other things they’re eating,
We, immersed in singing birds
Back to house’s porch and yard,
Enjoying light and what we’ve heard.
From tomorrow,
Ten more months
Of borrowed time.
So from now, I’m celebrating.
Here It Goes, Now It Comes 12.21.2021 Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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