NoOne Deserves It More

  No One Who Deserves It More

There’s no one who deserves a verse
More than the first of candy makers.
Each piece wrapped In a disguise,
First and best of vört bread bakers:
Heaven’s prize!

The sugared calories that stand in queue:
I eat a few – not more than two.
But Kent, he eats one hundred two!

The bread: I can’t resist the bread.
It doesn’t need a spread of cheese or anything.
It cannot hurt to eat the vört
Whose slices are the very nicest
Ever served a gal.
You are my pal!
And what a pal.

Yes, no one who deserves a poem:
One who makes a person never leave their home.
Fudge that makes one never budge.
Bread that makes the stomach smile.
Both of which we’d walk a mile for.

We cannot thank you half enough!
I could stuff myself
With half a loaf.
Dear Veronica, you dear.
Always stay forever near.
(Lasse too.)
What would we do without you!
No One Who Deserves It More 12.26.2021 Special People, Special Occasions Arlene Never Corwin

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