Fame? #2 (better version)

               Fame #2 (better version)

I’ve not been ‘up’, so can’t go ‘down’.
I’ve watched TV, been shown
The famous known be sounded,
Talk about their days and nights;
These ‘leading lights’…

One sees the faces, hears the stories:
Bad times, downright failures, glories…
What a drive you have to have
To stay in gear year after year,
Feeling that you must ‘deliver’
For the salary, the ego;
Fame is nothing!
So are you.

You are nothing, even though
Applause, reviews seem news and new;
Gratifying while supplying needs;
But a heart that smarts when reading
that they don’t.
There’s a kind of sham in fame:
Feigning, pretence, artificial…
Fame the bubble, fame a struggle –
Something not worth snuggling up to.

Every minute folk somewhere are going hungry;
Every minute world somewhere is getting angry.
Does it really care that you are here… or there or anywhere?

The best and simplest thing to do
Is follow paths that show you what you’re born to;
How good providence provides to show you
Who you are for,
No one’s born to be a ‘star’.
Human ‘stars’ are concepts only;
Words to entertain the lonely.

Stars are suns far in the heavens.
Reader, leader of your inmost –
Therein lies the star your host.
Fame? 12.28.2021 Nature Of & In Reality; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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