Birthday Herb

    Birthday Herb

My dearest childhood cousin Herb,
Understated word: Superb! 
That’s you with all you have accomplished,
Ups  and downs. Ins and outs.
Courageous, never stopping, undisturbed,
I am so proud of you.

I saw a photo: you with Dolly.
Golly! What a lovely couple!
My intention’s not to babble like a kettle drum,
But you two form the perfect ‘One’

So on this day, this special day,
Go out and play,
Eat pretzels, schnitzels, 
Guzzle wine expensive, fine;
Whipped cream cake drizzled high
With syrup, walnuts to the sky.

It is your birthday!
Make it your own cabaret  
And take our love and kisses –
With the emphasis on love.
Above all,
Have the happiest of all your days –
At your pace.
This is your place!
The day is yours!

Birthday Herb11.15.2021 Birthday Book; Arlene Nover Corwin

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