Wherever you go you leave a print;
Identity that shows uniqueness,
Not more or less.
Startling, yes?
One of a kind, digit to mind.
Unlike an ‘else, unique and special.
Deeply individual.
What e’er you do,
The choices mind is drawn to:
Unique, complete, infinitely perfect – faults and all,
The ways you climb, the ways you fall…
Encompassing distinctive nature,
Its distinctive character and features
Which you choose, – or which choose you.
“Know thyself” said Socrates and Plato
On the Temple of Apollo.
Every Greek, great seeker knew
That when you find the You,
You find the prints that make up who?
The personal, the spiritual, the intellectual,
The movable, achievable, the cordial and primordial,
Real/ideal, menial and genial, bestial, celestial,
The cruel, jewel, worst and finest…
Remember thus, where’er you go,
What e’er you do
You leave a print that it was you –
A you, the one and only
Worth the tracking to its authenticity;
Its genuine originality.
Reliable, dependable, credible and true.
the sense
of fingerprints.

Fingerprints 11.20.2021 Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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