Ideas are there to stimulate;
Ideas are there to educate.
ideas, the gate,
Are in the air – just everywhere.

Magic formulae, they lie, the don’t.
A try: peculiar, practical –
A mix of all
To fool around with and/or capture;
Ideas are the sap of life.

Love the brain
That keeps you sane,
Handles concepts, simple notions;
Love the oceans of their suddenness,
The suddenness in, of their stillness.

Welcome theories, opinions, feelings;
Welcome images and mental dealings,
Welcome the hypothesis,
The questioning what’s not, what is.

You will be fooled, be fool.
Ideas are tool.
They are not you
But there to use so that you grow.

Just so you know,
This poem came from,
You guessed it rightly: yes,
The many; slightly few,
The old and new Ideas.
Ideas 1.2.2022 Circling Round Experience;The Processes:Creative,Thinking,MeditativeII;
Arlene Nover Corwin

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