Watching, Reading, Experiencing

 Watching, Reading, Experiencing

I do not mean to scream or panic;
Not depressed or manic, messianic;
Inclinations mystical, spirit-metaphysical,
Yet can’t keep detail from my eyes:
Heat waves, floods, gas, wildfires;
Wetter, longer, stronger storms
Breaking old historic norms…

It’s harder now to bear, to cope,
Keeping faith and hope alive and well,
The well of stress deep and compressing.
Tears crop up,
Leadership a landscape of duplicity and fraud
Enveloping the scene, moored to the vices;
While I cook the beans and rice,
Knowing all the while that prices
Rise, and perks iI took for granted
Are decidedly not nice.

Seas around the globe will rise,
Threatening communities…
What we can do is to raise
Some inner force, change mind and ways,
Regard the times as just a phase,
And carry on – not as before,
But doing, thinking something more,
And consciously take on the pure;
The poor…
Watching, Reading, Experiencing 1.2.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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