What interests me, should interest one.
(By which I mean the world machine
Which we can call the one and all),
Beginning of beginnings: Origin.
The start of everything & everyone.
Don’t you agree,
The most momentous quality?

Did getting under way start faraway?
Was consciousness, potentiality
Underlying something so noteworthy
As to be
Transcribed by men and women
Thinkers, philosophical and spiritual,
*Verse’ in universe the theme?

Was life forever there?
Alive, life some- or everywhere?
Nature/form from one creator?
Atom, molecule
The nano- of the deepest soul?

It’s worth the search, church or no-church!
With mind and heart
The perch on which we sit
To reach, fill, fit our comprehension.

The question of our origin –
The genesis, emergence, dawn, day one,
The origin, its numen*
Is the hunt worth tracking down;
The fundament of all that’s been.
Origin 1.5.2022 Circling round Reality; Nature Of & In reality; Arlene Nover Corwin
*numina; the spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or place: the spirit of the place—its numen—was strong.

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