Photographing Bridges

 Photographing Bridges

A friend who videos and photos bridges
Said, when questioned what inspires
Why chooses such a motive,
“Bridges always interest me,
Even ‘mental’ bridges”.
Ridges, urges a connection;
Blockages that cease to be.
Passages converging, merging A and B;
All the in-between a chance to see
But not be part of the intrusive world.

Linking bonding, joining.
Straddling, reconciling:
A euphoric metaphor.
‘Bridge’ removing separation.

How inherently well-judged, my friend.
To love the bridge as start and end.
I thank him for the tender lending
Of this tender tendency.
Photographing Bridges 1.10.2022 Circling Round Ideas; Arlene Nover Corwin

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