God Doesn’t Need

 God Doesn’t Need

Something’s worked!
It can be something never felt before.
A pain relieved;
A move discovered.
Inspiration for a poem
Uncovered, new.
It’s you it’s happened to.

You feel grateful to
Yet something’s come from out the-blue;
Unexpected, true, and you
Say, “Thank you God!”!

An even force that seems to work
Forever. Never shirking,
Altering, complete.
Though it’s odd
And hard
To comprehend.

The one demand
Your head and mind
Must get around
Is Something perfect:
Strongest, calmest, needing nothing,
Only giving out itself.
Power good and fair,
Impossible to picture.

Yet we try.
We name it, claim it, blame, deny it.
Give a creed:
To force that doesn’t have a need.

So carry on!
It won’t be gone,
Both here, beyond, belief or not.
It is the only thing you’ve got
To give you peace and total comfort.
God Doesn’t Need 1.12.2022 God Book II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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