Words: Consumer

What could be more fascinating than language, words and their complexities.

Words: Consumer

Who in heavens wants the label,
Wants the title of ‘consumer?
Consumed by fire, flood, destroyed;
Consumed by guilt: gripped or just floored.
Consumed with gusto, stuffing down the food,
The goodies.

Who In heavens wants to be
A part of that named category!
‘Consumer’ – almost pornographic!
Yet they call me that
Because and just because I buy their product,
The results: sheer, clear and merely profit.

How insulting!
I, exhausting, wasting
Reservoirs of precious sources;
I, partaker;
One more way that I am taker.
Consuming large amounts of energy.
Dearie, dearie me!

I, a villain, one of many
Doing harm: an evil-doer.
I, indeed, an arch consumer
Taking part in every nuance:
Buying, using, gripped, entranced;
Consumed with, by, the – noun and verb,
A perturbed, disturbed, and thus far uncurbed nation,
This name-filled, shame-filled appellation.
I am one:
Shopper, customer, consumer, patron.
Let us not consume too much.
Be consumed with guilt and such.
Lest we be consumed by fires touching
All on earth.
Words: Consumer 1.14.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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