Carry On: the Key

Carry On: The Key

No one really cares that much about the you:
How you look, what you do,
How you dress,
Whether you have done your best,
All the rest…

Minutes after you have left,
All have given fond farewells,
They’ve gone to something/someone else,
To tell their tales
While you’re bereft.
It never fails,
When in reality you ought to carry on,
Never tarrying in mind’s un-reason
Ferrying self-doubt across
The obstacles to self-reliance.

To carry on with self-belief
Is not a thief or self deception;
Rather the mature-est chief
Of common sense
And the out-dated sapience.*
Carry On:The Key 1.16.2022 Circling Round Maturity; Arlene Nover Corwin

  • sapience; wisdom

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