And So It Goes

 And So It Goes

Life/things change each second:
Situations, worldly goods;
Worldly clutter, odds and ends,
Shutting out the values meant, assumed, intended;
Belongings that no longer do…
Body parts no longer: you!

Adaptation must be key.
Letting go, yet knowing that
It’s always ‘you’ perceiving it.
Brain receiving and partaking
Patterns raked, scraped, shaped together,
Born then worn.
Misguidedly mourned.

Half our lives are spent expanding,
Half collecting, half expending,
Self’s self interest first at hand.
Inventive, yet me, mine and I
Are top of list’s priority.
Making, taking, on and on…
And so it goes. Ah, yes, it goes!

What can we do?
Accept, adapt, forgive, get wise.
Think of things beyond our eyes;
Things perhaps up in the skies.
Soul. The whole. The universal.
Principles invisible;
In, not of the temporal.
And So It Goes 1.19.2022 Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

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