My Musical Cat

   My Musical Cat

When I play, when I practice,
Albert Cat does practice too.
He can’t resist.
I don’t desist.
Albert Cat just loves the sound;
Walks up and down,
Around the keyboard.
He, lord of the digital.

His playing catastrophic, cataclysmic,, categoric-not!
Is he inclined to catapult? No, he meows. “What rot!”
Black and white keys, sharp and flat: music cats appreciate.

At their worst and at their best,
Cat-holic tunefulness the highest.
I confess, sometimes I’ve cursed:
“Damn” or “Darn”,
But underneath it all, am charmed.

With no idea of what he hears,
All I can say is that
My Albert Cat loves to be near.
(I fear it will may on forever).
My Musical Cat 1.20.2022 Cat Book II; A SenseOf The Ridiculous II; Arlene Never Corwin

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