“A single voice, once emboldened, can quickly metamorphose into a thousand.”’’’


Like so many words
With multitudes of definitions
I like validation most.
A combination recognition
and support;
Evidence of something we all need
Within the tiniest of life-parts’ seed.

It’s origin in Latin ‘to make firm’
Shows that we crave it from the outside in;
Though what we do may do the same
For others underneath their skin,
A skin oh, oh, so thin!

When you give a thumbs up or a Like
Some negatives within you ‘take a hike’.
You may get ‘shtick’ from all you know,**
But confirmation means acceptance and a show,
A testimony of, and that your worth
Is of importance on this earth.

Take it, give it as a gift
To give a life that little lift it needs
To shift the inner picture of how deft
You really are.
Confirmation 1.21.2022 circling Rond Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

noun informala gimmick, comic routine, style of performance, etc. associated with a particular person: there are many great comics who have based their stand-up shtick on observational comedy | her shtick was to haul out her pet ferret.
• a person’s special talent, interest, or area of activity: movies about ordinary women who do extraordinary things—that’s my shtick.
ORIGIN1960s: Yiddish, from German Stück ‘piece’.
*** I don’t know who said it first-

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