Portentous Problems Of The Future (revised)

Is this any clearer?

Written in a funny mood. Not often that I write thus:

Portentous* Problems Of The Future

Much to value, much to prize;
Much reasonable, much to praise.
And yet, and yet,
The Arctic melts, floods, lava, rains,
Droughts and grains that will not sprout;

Come the leaders who dictate:
Called dictators – title hateful.
Childish in their need to fake;
To fight, take power
For an hour
Or for life.
Lured by strife to satisfy:
Reasons only god-knows-why.
Legacy? Vanity?
Ego, greed this tragic need?
They’ll all be dead, like you and I.
Do they not think that they will die?

Power can be good and wise;
Love of truth, shunning lies;
Getting, like us all, disease;
What-in-heavens-name does please them?
Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin…
Perpetuated names as villains.
Sure, they may have done some good,
But who would want their neighborhood
As base, a place to live in;
Democratic rights deprived
When sharing’s’s all we’ve go to give,
And giving’s all we’ve got to not
Divide us.
Portentous Problems Of The Future 1.26.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

*portentous: ominous, warning, foreshadowing, predictive, premonitory, prognosticatory, momentous, fateful; threatening, menacing, foreboding, sinister, ill-omened, inauspicious, unpropitious, unpromising, gloomy, unfavourable.

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