Portentous Problems Of The Future

Written in a funny mood. Not often that I write thus:

Portentous* Problems Of The Future

Much to value, much to prize;
Much reasonable, much to praise.
And yet, and yet,
The Arctic melts, floods, lava, rains,
Droughts and grains that will not sprout;
Come the leaders who dictate:
Called dictators – title hateful.
Childish in their need to fake;
To fight, take power for an hour or life;
Lured by strife to satisfy:
Reasons only god-knows-why.
Legacy? Vanity?
Ego, greed this tragic need?
They’ll all be dead, like you and I.
Do they not think that they will die?

Power can be good and wise,
Care for truth, shunning lies;
Getting, like us all, disease;
What-in-heavens-name does please them?
All those Grumps and Tootins, Allins,
Oy, those names go on as villains.
Sure, they shall have done some good,
But who would want their neighborhood
As base, as place to live
With democratic rights deprived
When sharing’s’s all we’ve go to give,
And giving’s all we’ve got to not
Divide us.
Portentous Problems Of The Future 1.26.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin
*portentous: ominous, warning, foreshadowing, predictive, premonitory, prognosticatory, momentous, fateful; threatening, menacing, foreboding, sinister, ill-omened, inauspicious, unpropitious, unpromising, gloomy, unfavourable.

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