National Holocaust Day In Sweden

National Holocaust Day In Sweden

Let us start
By understanding and defining;
Badly, vaguely analysing
“A slaughter or destruction on a massive scale
By fire, war” – in this case massively detailed
Murder of six million Jews
And other persecuted groups
In concentration camps
In World War Two.

Annihilation, devastation,
Ethnic cleansing, liquidation.
Carnage, butchery…
And then you ask yourself the final question:
What purpose, for what reason:
Who wants to kill?
Who wants to die?
Not you, not me –
Not by such catastrophic methods surely!

Yet from ’forty-two to forty-five
Romanys and Witnesses, gays and Jews
Were starved, imprisoned, gassed alive!
The causes in the theory, the history
Behind the need for whipping boys, fall guys and patsys::*
Scapegoats all
Who take the fall
For someone else’s evil needs –
Indefensible their creeds;
Perhaps the snake in Garden Eden.

I rejoice the conscience Sweden
With a sense that saves
Its the still small voice,
That takes a stand to foster
Memories of the ones who lost,
Who paid the cost
With lives tossed into self dug graves.
National Holocaust Day In Sweden 1.27.2022 Circling Round Yoga, Science, War & Cats II; Arlene Nover Corwin


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