How Are You Today (revised 2.2.2022)

How Are You Today? (revised 2.2.2022)

Volcanos waking;
Earthquakes quaking;
Townships shaking.
Kent and I
Have had our second shot today.
I with questions ‘bout bacilli:
Bad and good, good with bad.
Once in bed
Learning lots from TV,
All around me, waiting to see
Side effects;
Where, how or when and if…

Friends on phone,
Themselves alone:
CoVidly sick-ish, some immune.
Big and little all in movement:
Moment’s movement un-improvement?
Unresolved, controversial:
Icebergs, soil, drilling oil;
Unapproved, preventable;
Debatable the whole damned whole.

All I wonder as I lay,
Head propped and cushioned,
Is how, really how are you all today?
How Are You Today? 4.10.2021/revised 2.2.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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