Roller Coaster Life

Roller Coaster Life

It’s a roller-coaster life;
Unpredictable its ups and downs,
(Which down is up or up is down).
Smooth sailing while, all-giggly, smiling
steeply un-beguiling drops
Await until the final stop come to a stop.

An hour or year.
It’s clear that climbs will carry on,
And just when you feel almost home
The climb will ‘scary’ drop,
Come to a stop,
And either you’ve been strapped in safely
Or quite daft,
You fall to emptiness – adrift.´

It’s up to every one of us
To strap into the safety of
Self-knowledge and allowing fate
To have its way,
Interpreting each thread so that
Your mind is full of choice replacements.

No four-poster,
Always ever roller-coaster;
Neither loss or win,
Each moment a beginning
If you let it, love it all –
Falls notwithstanding.
Roller-Coaster Life 2.3.2022 Birth,Death&InBetween III; Arlene Nover Corwin

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