(one of those days to talk about, explore)

God, you’ve made me limited.
I was already, but
You took my fingers,
Reasons only you knew ‘bout.
Fingers seven!
Can one get to heaven with just three?
You’ve done that to me,
I adapt, adjust,
Thrust energies into pure trust –
Because I must.

Improvisation simpler, cooking slower,
Zips impossible. More of chores so-so.
And yet, and yet
Some things have gotten better:
Writing, poetry, the letter
(holding pen is, well, a chore)
Piano right hand with just thumb –
Showing that the hand’s not dumb.
Taking of the jar and glass
*A horse’s ass’ and mostly guess;
Experiments with no and yes.

But all in all, despite discomfort,
Learning, earning, burning for
And yearning for more
Knowledge, method, skill and deftness…
Now that I’ve got less,
And not to make a mess of living,
I would love to turn the giving in – to blessing.

Limited, by definition means restriction,
But are we not all restricted in some way?
God, let me grow in praise of newer ways,
Spend my days

Limited 2.14.2022 Circling Round Limitation; Pure Nakedness II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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