First came the title, then came reasoning, then summing up - the rhyme and meter genetically built in.  I loved justifying the concept.

Homage To All Things That Happen

All according to some plan –
New, alien – to keep things going, rescue man;
The right, the wrong: it all belonging
To some one humongous system
Far beyond our comprehension.

I have read
There are a hundred million neurons in our head –
These with millions of their own:
One giant telephone,
Small galaxies
To please the laws
Of effect’s Cause..

Hard to take in,
Come to the conclusion
That all things that happen
Are for something larger than
You, me, the galaxy
And on and on…
One cannot help but gape in wonder.
Homage To All things That Happen 5.27.2021/revised2.18.2022 Circling Round Everything, Reality; Experience; Arlene Nover

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