The modesty that I observe
Takes many forms.
Some open doors, some limit nerve.
Moved to tears I see the most:
The fairness and simplicity.
The unpretentiousness, discreetness,
Lack of drive for fame and name –
Qualities of blamelessness.

Though vanity doth never leave.
Sins of pride and greed – stuff just like that –
There in degrees.
Existing modesty is blessed indeed,
Its ‘yes’ side best side.

As it is consistently, energy has contra-sides.
I’ve seen great talents sit at home
Content to play and stay at home
When it or they could visit some,
Take active, even silent part
By influencing areas of unenlightened habit
That impede so many.

One can still be unassuming, sharing, giving,
Boastless in one’s innermost,
Yet much aware of inner weaknesses,
Embrace, involve with modesty untouched.
The subtle ego can’t let go –
(can’t or won’t – it’s hard to know)
A problem
(for another poem).

Forget your fears.
Just think of theirs.
Yelp your help,
For In the final step,
You will get cheers.
Modesty 2.20.2022 Pure Nakedness,Vanities,Egos, Experience, Everything;II Arlene Nover Corwin

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