Faith does not just happen.
Sprouting, growing,
It, this feeling-cum-idea, coming, going…
Hard, one knows, it being
what it is:
Invisible, part hope, part wish,
Optimism alternating
Back and forth;
North to south, south to north;
Expectation, longing, yearning,
Grounded in conviction, learning.

Echoing the inner thought, the inner fight;
Hard maintained, the goal, the light;
It doesn’t have to be a creed.
But it must fill the deepest need.

A faith not subject to a craze,
A something you can test and praise,
Is not a phase;
In short, something that stays.
A help for all one’s days…

Probably as simple as a pimple,
No temple, yet a faith that will not crumble,
Faith does not just happen.
Hard, one knows, to reach with ease
Yet ever worth the sharpening.
Faith 2.23.2022 To The Child Mystic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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