There’s Never Been A Gun Produced That’s Not Been Used

There’s Never Been A Gun Produced
That’s Not Been Used

There has never been a gun produced
That’s not been used; No weapon – none.
One knows that people need defences.
But, and sad to say, the baddies,
Equal in their baddy way
Do not defend, but have as fault
The need to wound, kill, just assault.

Self- interest omnipresent, baddies often reign,
Rain down their bullets and their bombs.
On children, animals, dads, moms…
The lists and kinds unlimited.

There’s no excuse for weapon use;
Going on this very day, this hour, minute.
No minuet, no dance, no play
But insecurity and injury;
Architecture, history… wiped away.
Vegetation, future food…dismay
And consequence…
Second day: Ukraine; a war.

All has an end.
The senselessness of enmity:
Of feud, foe death and friend…
Consequence. Senselessness.

Guns and tanks and planes will rust,
Uniforms sold second hand,
Medals stuffed in cabinets.
Yet, weaponry’s idea persists.
Our climate’s grasses wilt and die,
The oceans either flood or dry,
Strange viruses gain upper hand
While even stranger men show up, expand –
Dictators, eager to make war once more.
And weapon sellers prosper.
Lord, in heaven’s name, what are we?
There’s Never Been A Gun Produced That’sBeenUsed2.25.2022;CirclingRoundYoga,Science,War&Cats; Arlene Nover Corwin

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