Day four: The War

Day Four: The War

Keeping score:
Day four: the war.
Poor people fighting back
To those who want to put the boot in.
While the world is rootin’
For their right to liberty’s autonomy,
Free to join which club they will.

Day four:
A war goes on.
Dead, the innocent, the indiscriminate!
Do not attacking forces,
Soldiers all, feel for the faces
Filled with sorrow, fear and angst,
When they themselves are stilled and killed?
Do they give thanks?
Do they themselves with moms and dads
And kids back home call this a charmed vacation?
Feel loyalty to war that’s just a fad
In someone’s crazed fixation.

War, day four:
Some will live to see day five.
Others, still alive but wounded, scarred for life.
What strife is worth it?
The vulgar stealth of war may lead
To power, land, the coin of wealth,
All of which, lost in the feeding minute,
Building palaces and buying jewels.
Moolah anything but foolishness –
Where is profit in all this?
Day Four:The War 2.29.2022 War Book; Yoga,Science,War&Cats II; Our Times,Our Culture II;Arlene Nover Corwin

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