From A Distance

Watching From a Distance

My husband’s braver than me:
I’ve watched. I see
The inhumane war right before my eyes
What seems indefinitely;
Although the day is number five.
Five days’ brutality and savagery,
Enormity that’s on the increase.

I am cowardly.
Cannot watch and cannot see
The man/boys, drafted young,
The children forced int a wilderness
Of wintry weather, sweater better
Than nothing.
Separated families forced to leave
Dogs, cats behind
To find their own requirements.
Rummaging and foraging…

Here sit we,
Channel volumes necessarily
On high, so that the boom
Is heard in other rooms,
No matter where we are and what we’re doing.
Bombs foretelling doom I cannot face.
Houses, people, growth erased.

Day, as said is number five.
Citizenry still alive
Fight back with pluck and fearlessness,
Nerve and daring – gutsiness!
And I and we watch from a distance,
Worry growing, inborn interest in the self
Shaved and shelved,
Not coping very well.

Will the power-mad warmonger
Lose his hunger?
Are we safe?
Will we be strafed,
The object of a future plan:
Takeover of each child and man.

My husband watches,
I a scaredy-cat to face all that
With sang-froid’s equanimity.*
Watching From A Distance 2.28.2022 War book; Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin
*he recovered his usual sangfroid: composure, equanimity, self-possession, level-headedness, equilibrium, aplomb, poise, assurance, self-assurance, self-control, nerve, calmness, coolness, countenance, collectedness, imperturbability, presence of mind; informal cool, unflappability.

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