More A Burden #2

Just keeping score, keeping track.

More A Burden Than… #2

Is it not strange
A planet rearranged and changed each minute
Beguiles someone mad enough
To want to own the stuff:
Oceans rise, species dwindling, all that dies…
More than ‘nough to NOT start war,
Cut further scar, the capture
More a burden rough and tough
Than global virally pandemic cough…
Who would want the onus of
Cracked highways, broken energies,
Loaded down by crises that torment already.
Certainly not you or I!

Yet, the world is filled with baddies blinded:
Seven seldom minded sins:
Anger, envy, gluttony, lust greed and pride –
That makes six.
The seventh, sloth, can hide inside.
(i have a lot of that myself).
At any rate, they do not sate – never to be satisfied.

Ignorance, while never mentioned
Is a sin, intention
Leading to defiled plans, designs, mischance;
Malice a by-product.

Thus we come to war and pain.
What remains?
No one wins, owns, no one gains.
More burden than attainment,
One would think the globe we sit on
Should not be the unforgotten,
Weather-beaten, threatened, flattened…
More and but a sweetened, earthly, bliss filled heaven,
(Like it was in Eden)
More A BurdenThan #2 2.27.2022 Circling Round Existence; War Book; Our Times, Our Culture II; IArlene Nover Corwin

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