My Least Favourite Words: Lies & Liars: Day Nine

 My Least Favourite Words: Lies & Liars: Day Nine

You know how I just love the word:
The written, heard;
Favourites that teach inspire.
Two worst words are ‘lies’ and ‘liar..’
Hiding of, for, from the self-wrongdoing magnifier
Fact or facts.

Intending to deceive,
Make ‘them’ believe;
Change what is true to suit you
Is the worst of sins
With wins that do not last,
You fast in the cement of fools.
The sputum drools.

You can’t distress the universe,
But lies injurious to humans
Can be ruinous to mankind,
Words the chains that find and bind
Those people who think likewise.
Lies size up those who, like-minded,
Wet behind the ears, who take advantage of
The catty, bitchy to the witchy man- or land-hunt
Maximise their gain from pain.

Trumped up stories
To increase one’s glory…Well,
Dashing hopefulness to hell
Is trashy mush.
Usch, usch and usch!
My Least Favourite Words:Lies & Liars 3.4.2022 Circling Round Everything II; War Book; Our Times, Our Culture Arlene Nover Corwin

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